Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Hello September!

I'm Back! Well, its not like I actually left, but I've been away from blogging/scrapping for a bit. And I'm soo glad to be getting back to it. Hello September! I've never been happier - yet sad - that Summer is over! I'll sure miss the nice warm activity-filled sunny days, but with the end of Summer means I will be getting more time to scrap and complete projects. DS#1 goes back to school tomorrow and I will only have one cute little 3 year old boy with me at home until 3pm every weekday. I do plan to use my time wisely to fit in some 'me' time, DS#2 time - this will be his last 'school year' at home; next year he will be going to Pre-School -, and scrapping time. And I do have soo many plans for my scrapping.

Anyways, back to my Staycation, we had a really good time. We didn't get to do everything we had hoped, but we still had soo much fun. We did have a few rainy days, in which we just stayed home watching movies and playing games. One the more sunny and bright days we went to the Land of Make Believe and the Bergen County Zoo, as well as make a few family barbeques - YUM! And I did get to sneak in two and half 'scrappy' projects. {insert winking smiley face} Which I'll be sharing with tomorrow and early next week. For now, I'll leave you with a few pictures from our Staycation.

Hope, NJ

Samba Balloon Ride

The SideWinder - DH and my 5 year old son went on this ride - CRAZY! One screamed while the other was speechless - I won't say who did what.

Blackbeard's Pirate FortA ? gallon that tips over everytime it gets full. Stand under it and you will get wet.

Buccaneer Pirate ShipEquipped with nets, slides and water cannons.

Paramus, NJ
The zoo only has animals found in North and South American.

A smiling Donkey

A sleepy Mountain Lion


An American Elk

Budgies - The kids had soo much fun feeding these hungry parakeets.

And the American Bold Eagle

I hope you enjoyed these pictures as much as we did seeing them. So, what did YOU do this summer? Go anywhere? Did you also have a Staycation? I'd love to hear how everyone enjoyed their summer, so leave me a comment. And I might just pick a random winner for a little something.


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