Monday, December 17, 2012

Under Construction....

Hello Everyone! 

Remember Me?! Its been a LONG Two Months + that my blog got hacked. THANK YOU all for your very sweet comments and thoughts. They all mean SOOO MUCH to me!! 

ALOT of things have happened during these two months and I just got a chance to start working on rebuilding my blog again. I'm happy to announce that ScrappinCookie is now FREE from unwanted, nasty, altered posts and viewable by YOU my viewers and readers!! Unfortunately, I haven't been able to completely repost all the projects that were deleted, but I am working on that.

I want to THANK YOU all for your patience and for continuing to follow me. I plan on having a GRAND RE-OPENING once everything is completely back to normal at SCRAPPINCOOKIE. There will be prizes, so you won't want to miss it!! I will be back with more information on that and a Blog Badge for you all to share.



  1. So sorry to hear of your blog loss....I just recently did a sign up for Google to back up mine since this can be a nightmare as you now know. I look forward to seeing your wonderful designs once more and hope you will visit and become one of my blog buddies so we can share buttons if you are interested in doing so.
    Creative Wishes,
    Claire S


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