Thursday, October 22, 2009

Candy Apple Boxes

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After making some Candy Apples - well more like Chocolate Apples - I needed some cute to package them in. I searched online and came across several Frankie Boxes made with the SU! TopNote Die, but the real inspirations came from Jody Morrow and Cambria Turnbow. I merged both their ideas and came up with what I call my Candy Apple Box.
Of course, I had to design everything in Design Studio to make it work. I made a total of 4 boxes in 2 different sizes - 2x3 and 2.5x2.5. Each size includes a Scalloped Edge Box and a Plain Edge Box. For my Frankie Boxes, I used the 2x3 Scalloped Edge Box.
Mr. & Mrs. FrankiePlease note that the pieces to assemble Mr. & Mrs Frankie are in another .cut file.
2.5x2.5 BoxesThese boxes are designed outside of the mat's cutting area. Please see Tips & Tricks#1

Candy Apple Box*Please request file by leaving a comment with email addy.
*Plantin Schoolbook
*Cricut Expression


Anonymous said...

Love Love Love your apple boxes. Can I get the cutfile? Thanks so much

AmandaB said...

The boxes you designed are so cute.. I would love to have the cutfile.. Thanks

Wendy said...

Love the candy apple box great idea would love to have the file

Anonymous said...

OMG these are soo cute!! I would totally appreciate it if you would send me the cut file..


shtale said...

Would love this cut file! this is adorable :)

rhonda said...

Just found you blog. you are amazing. would love a cut file of candy apple box.

Thanks, Rhonda

rhonda said...

this is soooo cute. would love the cut file.

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