Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Banners .cut File

Cricut Expression, Cricut Design Studio, Plantin Schoolbook Cartridge

This .cut file contains 5 Banner Triangles with matching Inner Triangles. Pictured from left to right : Scalloped Top(B), Mixed Scalloped Top(D), Flat Top/Scalloped Sides(A), Mixed Scalloped Triangle(C). Not pictured is the Scalloped Triangle(A), which I used for my Autumn Banner.
  1. ONLY Plantin Schoolbook was used to create these banners.
  2. All Scalloped Triangles measure roughly 5 3/4 by 6 3/8.
  3. All Mixed Scalloped Triangles mearsure roughly 6 1/4 by 6 1/2.
  4. All Inner Triangles are roughly 1/2" smaller than the shaped triangles.
  5. All triangles also come with pre-cut ribbon slits.
  6. All Scalloped Triangles and their Inner Triangles are set to cut out twice.
Each triangle has a code letter - (A), (B), (C), (D) - making it easy to match the shaped triangles with the inner triangle. Both the Scalloped Triangle(A) and the Flat Top Triangle(A) share the inner Plain Triangle(A).

This is ONLY for the Scalloped Triangle Double tab. Setting it to cut out two triangles at a time, one of them runs a bit outside of the cutting area in the mat. To solve this issue, go to View>Mat Size>12x24. This sets your mat to 12x24 and allows the triangle to be cut out fully. Then LOAD your 12x12 mat and press the 'Mat Size' button on your Cricut Machine. Your machine now thinks there is a 12x24 mat loaded and allows the image to cut. THERE IS NO NEED FOR A 12X24 MAT. This will also be included in the .zip file you recieve with the .cut file.

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to ask. I'm glad to help!

Banners .cut File

Cut File is available via comment request. The .cut file comes in the form of a .zip file and includes pictures, TOU, and .cut file. Also please add a way to reach you in your comment. I'd love to see your finished projects, so don't forget to send me some pictures.



  1. I love the banner and would love to try it for this fall. Thank you for your design.
    Jeanie Jacobson

  2. I love those banners! So cute and perfect for home decor for the holidays. I would love the cut file if you are still willing to share. Thanks in advance. rnt0908@hotmail.com

  3. I love your banner! I really wanted to cut out a banner like this but of course no banner carts. I would love the cut file if you would be so kind to send it to me. My email is
    Hopefully I can learn from all your hard work on how to use DS to my advantage. Thank you!!!

  4. You have done an amazing job of the autumn banner. I would love a copy of the cutfile thank you for sharing. Bev x

  5. I would love these inner and outer banner cut file.

    Thank you

  6. I would love this cut file! I have been looking for a fully scalloped triangle and I do have that cartridge. If you send me the file how do I use it in the craft room, I've never done anything other than my cartridges with the Gypsy. Thanks!

  7. I'm so excited to have found you, may I have the banner cut file> Thank you Mari587482@gmail.com


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