Monday, January 3, 2011

Happy New Year

Happy 2011! I hope everyone had a GREAT Christmas and Wonderful start to the New Year. We had a pretty simple start, nothing fancy - didn't even eat grapes. Do any of you do that?

This new year I decided not to make any resolutions. What!? Yep, thats right no resolutions for me. Every year I make a list of things I want to accomplish throughout the year and always end up either breaking them, forgetting about them or losing the list. So this year I went resolution-less I simply want to live life to its everyday and accomplish what I can when I can.

Talking about accomplishments, I was able to restore my blog to its previous features as well as adding new ones. Sometime during November my blog went haywire and lost sidebar elements, misplaced posts, etc. During this holiday break I was able to give it a little update. I re-did the sidebar titles as the previous one were giving me a crowded-cluttered feeling. All my FREE cut files were finally added to my sidebar by title. Each title will take you to its orginal post where you can leave a comment requesting the file. I also separated my inspiration list so you can see what sketches, blogs and manufacturers inspire me. And lastly but not least, I added a donate button to my sidebar. A donation is NOT required to view my blog or recieve free cut files. However, they are GREATLY APPRECIATED and help keep this crazy hobby of mine.

I hope you all ike the new updates. And since I didn't want to make this another picture-less post, I'll leave you with a few sneak-peeks of what is to come. So stay tuned!


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