Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Nugget Holder 1pc

Cricut Expression, Cricut Design Studio, Nugget Holder1_ScrappinCookie CUT File, Bazzill "Red Devil" Cardstock, Cloud 9 "Be Loved" Collection, Hershey Miniature Nuggets, Misc - Ribbon

Another post taht was long time coming. This 8pc. Hershey Miniature Nugget Holder was also designed 3 years ago! It was my son's Pre-K Teacher's Aid Valentine Treat.

For this nugget holder I designed a 1 piece box with an opening to view the inside contents. The opening was covered with an acetate sheet and bordered with the "Accent48" Frame from Accent Essentials.

Again, I wrapped each nugget with matching pattern paper.

I also used this Nugget Holder to make a quick Thank You gift for a Kindergarten Teacher Aid. To see more on this project go to Thank You Gift Set.

Nugget Holder 1
*Cricut Expression
*Cricut Design Studio
*Plantin SchoolBook Cartridge
*Accent Essential Cartridge
.Cut File is available via comment request. The .cut file comes in the form of a .zip file and includes pictures, TOU, and .cut file. Due to the time spent on this .cut file, I would greatly appreciate if you were able to DONATE a little somethin' somethin' when requesting the file.


  1. You are so creative - love your blog! Will be coming back often to check out your inspiration, and am signing up as a follower. I would LOVE the cut files for the nugget box and the treat box cards!! Thank you so much!!

  2. I would love the cut file for your nugget box, too. I have the pattern to cut by hand, but why do that when the Cricut can do the work? Nice projects, am loving them all!

  3. You are sooo talented. I would love your cut files for the flower pot card, the treat box card and the nugget holder. They would be great teacher gifts for my newly adopted boys teachers. Thank you so for sharing!!!
    nancy warner@cox.net

  4. Would love the cut file, have made a small donation to yor wonderful site, will be back often


  5. I would love to to have the cut file for the nugget box. I like all your ideas.

  6. Hi ya....I made a small donation. Can you please send me the cut file for the Nugget Holder - 1 pc.

  7. Your box is simply wonderful! I just bought the Cricut design studio so I'm excited to try making it. Thank you for such wonderful ideas!

  8. I really like your nugget box. Please send the cut file to lyngreen13@aol.com

    Thanks so much


  9. I love your nugget box and your blog. Please send the cut file to cjvandyck@gmail.com!


  10. can you please send me this file? If you have it as a gypsy file, that would be fantastic!


  11. If this file is still available, I would love to have it. This is such an adorable treat box.


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